brief History

The parish of Gouvinhas had Foral granted by D. Afonso III in 1256, is located along the S. Martinho Ferrão road and is sheltered from the north wind.

Of rugged soil and deeply schist, it has, besides excellent wine and olive oil, tasty orange and mandarin.

The main building of Quinta do Todão is the Manor of Dr. Paulo Pizarro de Carvalho and Melo descendant of the Marquês do Pombal, emblazoned house built in the XVIII Century.

Curiosity: The ascendancy of the founders and still current owners of Quinta do Todão, goes until Century XV, Fernando Cortes (famous captain (1485 1547) of Spanish nationality that conquered Mexico, and also of Francisco Pizarro (1502-1548) that conquered Peru. 

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